How to Carry Water

How to Carry Water

dan coe brazos

When: September 20-December 21, 2024

Where: Stirek Gallery

The exhibition, How to Carry Water: Memory in Three Questions, brings together contemporary visual artists and humanities scholars in shared observations and questions about watersheds. In this expanded conversation, the term “watershed” refers not only to ecological structures, but also to the spatial, temporal and cultural entities that catalyze collectivity and life alongside bodies of water. The exhibition considers how the lenses of history, philosophy and creative practice allow for alternative methods of witnessing the human relationship to water.

Curators: Ashley Stull Meyers, Mary Jones and Thomas Hart Horning Chief Curator of Art, Science, and Technology and Kelly Bosworth, Mary Jones and Thomas Hart Horning Assistant Professor of Public History and Ethnomusicology.


Indira Allegra, Saif Azuz, Michael Boonstra, Carolina Caycedo, Dan Coe, Rasheena Fountain, Sky Hopinka, Garrick Imatani, Colin Ives, Sean McFarland, Susan Murrell, Jefferson Pinder and Margo Woloweic.


Susan Murrell, If Water Had Its Way (detail)

Colin Ives, Waterfall X (detail)

Dan Coe, Mississippi Delta Meander Scars (detail)

Sean McFarland, Falls, Tioga Pass (detail)

Sky Hopinka, The Island Weights