PRAx Annual Themes

PRAx Annual Themes

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PRAx believes that joining the insights of humanities scholars, artists, and STEM researchers is critical to our cultural well-being and to the advancement of solutions to grand challenges. Faculty research and cross-disciplinary projects supported by the Mary Jones and Thomas Hart Horning Endowment foster innovation and experimentation around timely global topics connecting humanities, arts, engineering and science.

The Horning Initiative centers on an annual theme launched by a major exhibition in the fall term. Additional programming includes lectures, talks, symposia, performing arts events, curriculum and more.

In 2024-25, the Horning Initiative will launch with the theme How to Carry Water. In 2025-26, we explore Artificial Intelligence. And in 2026-27, we turn our attention to Polar Regions.

Horning Staff

ashley stull meyers

Ashley Stull Meyers

Mary Jones and Thomas Hart Horning Chief Curator, PRAx

kelly bosworth

Kelly Bosworth

Mary Jones and Thomas Hart Visiting Horning Assistant Professor, Public History

alicia patterson

Alicia Patterson

Mary Jones and Thomas Hart Horning Assistant Professor, Applied Philosophy

The Horning team comprises two faculty from the College of Liberal Arts, as well as PRAx’s Curator of Contemporary Art. Their interdisciplinary collaboration allows for a dynamic presentation of varied viewpoints within the annual thematic.

The annual exhibition in the Stirek Gallery is co-curated by the Horning team.