OSU Wind Symphony

osu wind symphony

The School of Visual, Performing, and Design Arts Presents: OSU Wind Symphony

The OSU Wind Symphony is an auditioned group in the music department at Oregon State University. It is comprised of undergraduate students and is open to students of any major. The group strives to bring masterworks of the genre to new audiences and explore works by emerging composers and compelling modern staples.

The concept of the Wind Symphony as an ensemble dates to the interwar period, and was developed in the United States. Utilizing a part doubling and woodwind-heavy philosophy, the Wind Symphony instrumentation was designed to achieve a broad and powerful sound. Early pioneers of instrumentation commented on the weight and density of the sound, describing it as “the numbers of an orchestra, with the projection of wind instruments.” Many great works of the 20th century were written with this specific ensemble in mind.

The OSU Wind Symphony is directed by OSU Associate Director of Bands Olin Hannum. In addition to directing this ensemble, Hannum oversees and directs all aspects of the Athletic Bands program, including the Oregon State University Marching Band, Rhythm and Beavs travel band, Basketball Bands, and other ensembles. Outside of OSU, Hannum is the music director for the Oregon Brass Society, an active composer with published works performed nationally, and an arranger for marching ensembles.


May 16
7 p.m.


Detrick Hall
Student Cost